Christmas recap.

If I don’t do this post right after Christmas I will completely forget. So here goes. Christmas was calm, pretty non-eventful but it was fun. I have 8 weeks left until this baby arrives and let’s just say I haven’t been the happiest of campers lately, just ask my poor husband.

This was Christmas Eve… about to go sledding at Aunt Shelley’s Cabin…
The kids were playing in their room so I took a few pictures. Of course Tate wants nothing to do with the camera and Chloe is miss Posey.

Then we made our way up to Midway to sled. I am pretty sure just getting your kids ready for the snow is approximately 7 times more work than actually going sledding. Chloe went down the hill once and then played puppy in the cabin the rest of the day with her cousin Emma. Tate braved the snow and helped dad build a pretty sweet and dangerous snow run. You would have never known that he got his tonsils and adenoids out one week earlier.

And this is Christmas day… I had to wake the kids up at 9am because I had been up for almost 2 hours waiting for them to pummel down the stairs with excitement. We didn’t go crazy on presents this year because we went on a family trip to NYC (Which was super duper, minus the ER visit, the crazy wind chill, and being thrown up on in the cab). Last year we spoiled them and all their toys were broken within weeks. Learned my lesson the hard way. They loved everything they got (all they really wanted was those dang pillow pets). Anthony and I didn’t exchange gifts and it felt weird, so next year I am making him spoil me just for fun.
How was YOUR Christmas??? I really want to know!

And here is our Christmas Card (well we had 2 different ones, but this was my favorite). It’s an accordion style card so you have to imagine it folded.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to 2011 so this baby will arrive and I can stop being so hormonal!

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