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I think she is pretty cute… am I right?

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Miss Coco…

She is almost 4. wow. a few funny things about this little ball of fire… 1. she chooses to be naked 70% of the time when we are home. 2. she was dancing tonight in her helmet and elbow pads to California Girls with major style. 3. she LOVES potty humor 4. she only likes…

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for Monica:)

This is Monica…. she is one of the first people I mentored! How cute is her family! We had some fun in Manhattan beach. I want to live there… like right now. Too bad rent for a 1 bedroom is like 3,000. Maybe I could pay in gum? have you seen that commercial? funny stuff.

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full of love

I have photographed this family in California 3 times now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing them! They just play with their kids during the session and have fun, even though it’s exhausting with two little ones during a shoot we all had fun. Here is your peek:) More photos from Cali coming very soon!

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Your Choice… Session Info cards! $40 each set.

Make booking your sessions more professional and branded by sending your clients a session info card after they have booked or are interested in booking a session with you! I have also included a copyright release (for those of you that sell digital files) and a model release with the same designs. All text is…

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The Royals…

Really this could be one of my favorite shoots ever. Whitney is my oh so awesome assistant and I love her! If you run a busy photography business I highly recommend hiring a Whitney to help you out… So these pretty/stylish people have been married for a few years and wanted some fun recents of…

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