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it was a good day.

I loved my mentoring session with 4 amazing ladies yesturday… we got deep and laughed a lot. Good times. The models were so amazing so I am sharing a little bit of goodness for them, thank you! The one on the left is one of my favorite photos. ever. can you even believe her? gorgeous……

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Houston… part 4

Don’t be jealous of my skill of really creative title’s, it just comes naturally. Yet another adorable family. They were so easy to work with and laid back. I really did feel like the lucky one to be working with all these photographer’s families, they were just fun. This one of the girls together was…

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Houston… part 3

I am really trying to overwhelm all of you readers with really cute kids and lots of posts:) Merrik was AMAZING to photograph, so much life and personality in one little 7 year old. I couldn’t handle her cuteness and look at her clothes! So adorable. I have 4 more sessions to post so no…

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Houston… part 2

Okay, I will let these speak for themselves. Um. ya, this family is adorable. Some of my favorites. Tricia, you and your family were so easy going and lovely to work with:)

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Here is my first of many posts from Houston. It was SO fun to shoot in a different location. I shoot around my studio a lot and it gets so repetitive. ¬†This family is ridiculously good looking and natural in front of the camera, wouldn’t you say? Enjoy!

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Tiny Sparrow Foundation

The Tiny Sparrow Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography to the families with children who are facing life threatening illnesses. With the help of photographers worldwide, we are able to give a beautiful album that will carry the love, joy and everlasting memory of each…

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