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Time for the Holidays my friends.

I am feeling the heat of a million things to do but I am making it a point this year to enjoy the holidays! I had a very happy thanksgiving. I love my family so so much. I had 2 thanksgivings and it was so fun to just hang out, eat, dance like crazy, and…

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Hello, I think I know you.

I was waiting for my clients and saw them walking up my stairs… up walks my old boss, had no clue he was coming cause his wife booked the session. It was fun to see him again and his adorable little ones.

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I got to photograph this little guy and his family last year so I was so excited to see how big he has gotten. He is such a charmer. We just threw blocks at eachother the entire shoot and it worked like a charm, he was SO SO good for his age. I guess I…

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3 little gentlemen

These boys seriously kill me with their good looks and sweet nature. It is rare to get 3 boys that just do what you say, usually boys are running around and wanting to wrestle at photoshoots. I love photographing them! We got some great shots of the family but those are a surprise! UMMMMM and…

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I LOVE my job.

Dying Dying dying.. over these. These girls came dressed amazingly and gave me full creative range. They were so cute and I just wanted to photograph them ALL day. Too bad they don’t live in Utah, I would be calling them daily bugging them to come and model for me. Oh man, I am so…

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