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Sticky Sweet Christmas- $35

Last set of Christmas cards, these ones are lined with sarcastic filling. Just had to. If you know me well, you know that I am not a huge Holiday person, so I wanted to have a little fun with these cards. Good news! If you don’t think they are funny, just change the text, easy…

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For Lindsay.

After 2 hours of chasing around Petey, I just hoped for the best! I think we got some keepers. I need to post the ones of him sitting on his sisters head, that is when he was happiest. So good to see you and your kids again:) Isn’t she just adorable. She has these rosy…

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What else can I say, they are cute. I love their expressions on the right.

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Oh my goodness, look at this girl! She is so natural in front of the camera. I don’t think she enjoyed get her picture taken so much and I don’t think I could even crack a smile with her, but I hope she knows how beautiful and amazingly natural she is! These were taken at…

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Busy season.

Oh man, I am working from morning until late evening every day. Needless to say I am exhausted! Chloe asked me this morning, “why do you do that all day?” Guilt. I just know that I work extrememly hard for 2 months and then it’s over! Okay, so onto the photos, ummm… adorable families right?…

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Announcing…. Product Guide! ON SALE $65

Announcing the newest template that will save you time and energy! This product guide is made for those of you who sell online or do travel sessions or just to show off all your products visually! This is made to be a pdf for your clients to view all your special products. It also can…

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