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This little guy I photographed while he was in his mom’s tummy! I was so excited to meet him. He is 1 now and such a cutie. Only one for now, off to pack for camping and a night away from the kiddos in Park City! so excited, no photoshoots for 5 whole days!

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Keep sending in those pictures.!! I forgot I am going out of town this weekend so I will announce the winner when I get back Monday night at 10pm. Deadline for sending in picture will change to Sunday night at midnight MST. Have a beautiful Labor day weekend!Angie

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Just for fun…photo contest.. and prizes!

As a special thank you to all my amazing blog readers, 3 special photographers will receive a complimentary set of my templates! The game… Send in your best photo that best explains “childhood joys”, no specifics on this, just be creative. Send a web sized photo with your watermark on it just in case you…

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Mentoring Sessions

My mentoring sessions are all booked for 2008, and I will be booking for 2009 for March and April now. If you just want to learn Studio and photoshop we can schedule as early as January or February 2009. I will only be offering one day sessions from now on, but they will be 10…

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August is almost over,,, whew! (large post ahead…)

I cannot believe I have almost made it through August, this has been the busiest month of my life! Crazy, fun, and tiring all at the same time. Here is what I have been up to the past week or so, all of these pictures have been from mentoring sessions, I wanted to post some…

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Introducing… Fancy Mats…$35

I am so excited to introduce these, I have been thinking about making these forever and finally sat down and completed them. I personally think that having a mat just seals my framing experience, but not all frames have mats… here is the answer. Basically I have created 5 different unique mats that are totally…

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