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What a sweet baby.

I love sessions with babies at this age! 6-9months is the best. She was so cute and easy to photograph.

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I’m Back!

This is everyone with the models on the streets of Seattle. Well, Seattle was amazing. I love going on trips, it always puts life back into perspective. I really missed my kids and that made it a little hard, but I still enjoyed myself. I learned so much from Brianna Graham’s workshop. She is amazing.…

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Off to Seattle…

I am leaving in about 6 hours! and still haven’t packed, this is what I do when I go on trips, I wear myself out right before.. smart eh? Anyways, just had to post some of this beautiful bride that I did this week. Isn’t she a knockout? Wish me luck at the workshop, I…

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It’s Midnight

and I am proofing pictures, again! These two were my favorites from tonight’s shoot (I just couldn’t help myself, I had to work on them right away). She was so halarious, had the best pouty face ever. The one with the Moon on the door is my favorite picture that I have taken lately. Thanks…

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Well, my IP Internet phone company has apparently gone out of business, so my business phone is not working right now. Please CALL me at 787-4432 if you have any questions. Thanks for your understanding, Angie

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This is from a bridal shoot I did about a month ago. I really like casual looks in bridal shoots. Thanks Karen for trying out some fun stuff with me! More to come. Angie

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