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Today at the park…

These two adorable friends were so funny, they had so many stories for me! They played with the twins for a while and the twins just stared at them wondering what was going on. It was such a beautiful day.

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For all you fellow Bloggers, I am going to have a CONTEST for those that follow my blog or anyone just stopping in. I am going to be having a “I think my Kiddo is the Cutest” CONTEST. So, email me a photo of your little scrumptious one and I will post all of them…

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Baby Zach

I am getting a lot more interest for newborn photos. It is so fun to take pics of these little ones. It makes me remember how little and fragile the twins were. I really am missing that stage! We will wait for a good 3 years before thinking about having another though!

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A few from today….

It is always fun to get that couple that is so full of life and not afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. They were a lot of fun.

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