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  • I'm Angie Monson, a portrait photographer located in Salt Lake City, UT. Just a gal trying to make a living while pursuing her dream. I am a mother of three sweet babies that keep me on my toes. I started Simplicity Photography in 2005 and this is my journey, it's all here on this good ol' blog. Hope you enjoy what you see! Pull up a chair and stay a while...


I have been asked a lot if I am offering Spring mini sessions this year, I finally picked a date for you all! It’s the perfect time of year to get family photos, everything is green in SLC and it’s great to do it before summer time comes along and everything gets busy with kids again!

WHEN: May 20th

WHERE: SLC foothills (they are gorgeous in the spring, looks like Ireland!)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 45 min session- 20 fully edited images in color and black and white.

*I only offer mini sessions once a year!

May 20th Mini sessions

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Croatia- A Self Discovery adventure with Angie Monson

Last year I found myself completely lost, disconnected, and was on a journey to find me again. It was a rough year to say the least, but the journey of finding me again has been such an amazing learning experience about myself, relationships, finding purpose, and finding joy again.

I have talked to so many people this past year that are really going through struggles that almost feel insurmountable at times and the truth is life sometimes throws us curveballs in which rock us to our core. These are the moments that mold us, even if in the moment we don’t see it. THIS is when we have to show up and do the work even when we feel like breaking down. I know some of you out there can relate to what I am saying and even if you don’t, at some point in your life you probably will be in a similar situation.

I have realized throughout all of this that having the tools to face life when everything seems to be falling apart is extremely important. These things aren’t taught in schools, and a lot of time they aren’t taught to us by our parents either. So we go through life just trying to figure it out on our own. It’s scary, it’s heavy and it’s real. One tool I have found to help me extremely is to get out of my box, to spend time alone, to re-connect with my core. I had to ask myself; What do I want? What do I need? What is my purpose? How am I adding value to this world? Traveling has opened this space up for me. A space to explore myself, observe others, be in the moment, and just let go of the fear that holds me back when I am at home and in my head. I always return a new, better version of myself. I feel re-connected to my core values, my vision of what I want for my life, and I am able to see life again with a clearer point of view.

If you follow my work you know how passionate I am about travel. I want to share that with you. I wanted to create a trip that would be unforgettable for women to connect, be free and open to be themselves, and discover themselves again. I hope you can join me this fall in Croatia on this incredible adventure. I went last year and I will never forget how this trip made me feel. I am a firm believer that life is more about the experiences and relationships we have than the things we can buy or show off.

I am all about going on adventures that are off the beaten path. I do not enjoy the touristy way of traveling, but I know it’s easier to go that route if you don’t travel often. This will be an experience that you will never forget. Trust me and you can just show up and enjoy it! All the logistics are taken care of!

Join me in Croatia the most beautiful time of year and without the tourist crowds! Temps remain around 70 degrees during the day, so it’s perfect to adventure outside all day long!


When: OCT 1-8th

Where: You will fly into Dubrovnik, Croatia. Transfers from the airport will be included! Someone will be there to help you every step of the way, don’t you worry!

What’s included: 7 nights accommodation (4 nights on Sipan Island, 3 nights spent on a Catamaran), all airport transfers, activities (stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, biking). Includes your breakfast every day as well.

Headshots: I will be photographing each and every one of you on Sipan island. This is a chance to get amazing, memorable photos of yourself in a beautiful place! I want you to take home something special that will help you remember the trip, so bring pretty dresses to frolic around in:)

Cost: $2250- the only extra money you will need for the trip is for lunches, dinners, and souvenirs. Croatia is relativity inexpensive ($7-12 for meals). *Price does not include airfare. I can help you book your flight and give you tips on how to get a great price.

*This trip is limited to 10 women and I have 2 spots already spoken for! Bring a friend or come on your own, but guaranteed you will leave with new life long friends! This trip is all about self exploration and connection. I am so excited to share this trip with you!

Deposit required to secure your spot is $950 (remainder will be due one month before the trip takes place- Sept 1st). I also take CC if you would like to book that route, please email me at





***THIS IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, this is a chance for you to find you again, connect, and take time out for YOU.

Examples of what the adventure looks like… you guys, it really is beyond dreamy there. A place that you can just escape to and get out of your box.

Hope to see you there,


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March 7, 2017 - 8:07 pm

Stephanie Castillo - Ooooh my heart aches to go on this!!

March 9, 2017 - 6:46 pm

Abby Ward - Your photos are beautiful!

Senior session day!

We had such a great time last year doing a full day of senior sessions with hair and makeup included by the amazing Vivian Johnson, so we are doing it again this year!!

Spring Senior sessions include:

Hair and Makeup (you will feel like a million bucks and it’s so worth it to the stress of getting ready away).

1 hour session (2 outfit changes) in studio and outdoors near my studio.

15 fully edited photos (you will receive a gallery of 40-50 images and you will get to choose the 15 you’d like edited)



Senior Session April 15th

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I am very excited to announce travel sessions for 2017!  Every year I am overwhelmed at the fact that I get to travel and photograph such amazing families all over!  Thank you:)



SEATTLE: June 2-4 (2 sessions available)
MALIBU: June 15th & 16th (2 sessions available)
OREGON: Portland July 27th (2 sessions available) Oregon Coast July 28th & 29th- (2 sessions available)
NEW ORLEANS: Sept 4-6: 3 sessions available
NASHVILLE: Sept 7-10:  4 sessions available
FLORIDA: November 13-14 MIAMI (2 sessions available), Seaside/Alys Beach Nov 16-18 (4 sessions available)
COST: $1700 (half is due upfront to secure your spot)
INCLUDES: Full session, 1.5 hours of shoot time (several family poses, siblings, individuals, parents alone, and headshot if needed for mom or dad). 40-50 fully edited images (color and black & white) will be delivered 2-3 weeks after session takes place. Styling help provided as well if needed.
LOCATIONS: Location will usually be decided before I come to your city, but please be aware that this requires a little patience and understanding on the clients part because I usually don’t know the area. Any help with locations is much appreciated!
HOW TO BOOK: All bookings are first come, first serve and they go quickly. Please email my wonderful assistant Jeana to book at

I want you guys to all know the “why” of what I do. I realize that our time here on earth is precious. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday pressures of the world and over the past few years I really have come to terms that I do what I do because I LOVE the reason why I do it. I do it because of love and connection. Isn’t that what we all want most in this world? I truly think so. I realize that the why of what I do comes out in my images. I love capturing sweet moments between a mother and daughter or a mutual laugh caught between siblings, or even an eye roll, because THAT is why we are here: to connect and to love. I feel incredibly lucky to capture your love, your family, your heart. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

-Sending my love to you all, Angie Monson

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My NEW video is now available! Right now it’s on SALE for $99 and you get my family posing guide as a FREE bonus.

A lot of photographers have asked me how I get tweens and teens to look natural in family photos. It’s TOUGH, trust me, but it’s not impossible to get older kids to relax and enjoy a family session. A lot of it is how you interact with them. I have created a video that shows the difference of how I photograph a family with older kids compared to photographing a family with younger kids. Bottom line, they are just two completely different sessions. Watch me as I teach you tips and tricks with working with different ages!

I cover the following:

  • Camera settings and what lenses I am using.
  • Time of day I am shooting (I photographed the two families back to back)
  • I give examples of games I play or things I say to get people to laugh or relax.
  • Tips on how to work with backlight.
  • Getting dad on board.
  • Working with kids that are high energy.
  • Posing to make everyone look natural and connected.
  • Length: 1 Hour 20 minutes.



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November 17, 2016 - 8:40 pm

Ashley Hegarty - Hey Angie, thanks for this, bought it this morning, I’ve just started my business and shooting lots of families and this felt like you took me under your wing and let me sit in on your sessions, so valuable! Love your work!