How to get dad on board…

Aug 21, 2019

If you photograph families often you know that dad can be really hard to get on board for photo shoots. Honestly, it’s usually not the kids that ruin sessions (kids can be bribed and distracted), but in my experience the dads that really don’t want to be there are the ones that put a huge damper on the session.

I am going to be really honest with you… this can be really frustrating. As a photographer we have to deal with the bad attitudes of teenagers & dads quite often. In those moments I questions why I am doing what I do. LOL. But seriously, I always think to myself- “Why can’t they just have a good attitude for an hour or so- family pictures are so important in so many ways!”

So, after I throw a small tantrum in my head I can pull back and get perspective. We NEVER know what’s going on with someone or the dynamic of their family. They could be sick. They could be stressed about work, school, etc. They could have been fighting in the car on the way to the session (let’s be honest, this happens most of the time- family photos can feel stressful). They could be going through marital issues. They could feel frustrated with having to wear something they didn’t want to wear. My point here is that you never know the battles that someone is fighting internally. I have to remind myself of this OFTEN so that I can show my clients grace. Part of being a portrait photographer is being able to read people, feel their energy… know when to push for a fun photo or when to pull back and let them be.

Many photographers stress the technical side of photography, but our best tool is to utilize seeing and accepting people where they are and capturing who they are right now. And that may be an ornery teen or a dad that is having a bad day. This is called being human…

So here are a few tips to help during sessions that don’t feel easy:

  1. Acknowledge that photo shoots aren’t always fun for everyone, but you appreciate them participating- actually say this to your clients. I swear it makes a huge difference.
  2. Jokes!! Being silly and laughing with your clients will help take the edge off! Have everyone share their favorite dad joke;)
  3. Remind them WHY family portraits are so important. I like to remind families how important family portraits are in the long run. I also like to remind them that this is so important to their mother- usually mom did all the work to get them to the shoot. It’s like Christmas for mom’s is what I usually say to the entire family. A little guilt goes a long way… 😉 But honestly, being a parent is HARD work, the least the kids and dad can do at a session is show mom a little bit of love.
  4. Bring music to create a fun environment and ask whomever is having the hard time to help you pick the music. This makes them feel included and usually is a great ice breaker.
  5. If all else fails… Whiskey!  hahah. Jk

Hope this helps with your fall sessions!



P.S. If you resonate with these tips and are looking for more helpful tips for your sessions I offer online tutorials and videos HERE!

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Jun 9, 2019

I am going to try to blog my favorite sessions from now on. I actually miss looking at blogs and reading people’s content, so here I go!

I feel so blessed being able to travel the world for photo shoots and this is one of my FAVORITE families. They are always so lovely to photography. You can just feel the love!! Plus the mom obviously knows how to style her family like no other!! Here is some major styling inspiration for ya!

P.S. I still have TWO sessions left for Lake Tahoe & Austin, TX! INFO HERE!


Jan 6, 2019

So excited to announce my travel schedule for 2019!! Can’t wait for this years adventures with you and your families!

LOS ANGELES, CA: APRIL 26-28th (3 sessions available)

BOSTON: JUNE 7-8 (2 sessions available)

NEW YORK, NYC:  June 9-10 (2 session available)

LAKE TAHOE: August 29-Sept 1 (4 sessions available)

VENICE, ITALY & surrounding areas: End of September (dates TBD) (3 sessions available).

AUSTIN, TX: Oct 24-27 (6 sessions available)

COST: $1900 (half is due upfront to secure your spot). You can also do 3 payments instead of 2 to spread out payment as well!
INCLUDES: Full session, 1.5 hours of shoot time (several family poses, siblings, individuals, parents alone, and headshot if needed for mom or dad). 40-50 fully edited images (color and black & white) will be delivered 2-3 weeks after session takes place. Styling help provided as well if needed.
LOCATIONS: Location will usually be decided before I come to your city, but please be aware that this requires a little patience and understanding on the clients part because I usually don’t know the area. Any help with locations is much appreciated!
HOW TO BOOK: All bookings are first come, first serve and they go quickly. Please email my wonderful assistant Jeana to book at info@simplicityphotography.com