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  • I'm Angie Monson, a portrait photographer located in Salt Lake City, UT. Just a gal trying to make a living while pursuing her dream. I am a mother of three sweet babies that keep me on my toes. I started Simplicity Photography in 2005 and this is my journey, it's all here on this good ol' blog. Hope you enjoy what you see! Pull up a chair and stay a while...

Makeup matters

I think a lot of people think that hiring a professional makeup artist to do their makeup (and hair) won’t really matter. The truth is it does…

I think another worry that people have is that they won’t look like themselves or too “overdone”. Well, I have to disagree! If you know a good makeup artist they can make you just look like a better version of yourself!

Vivian is a genius and honestly I wish everyone that booked with me booked with her! I can tell the difference when people book with her. They come to the session feeling like a million bucks and they are confident and happy. It also takes away some of the stress of getting ready or what color palette to wear with your outfit… etc.

So… we did a little experiment. We had this model (Monica, who I absolutely adore!) come with her own hair and makeup done how she would prepare herself for a session or special occasion. We took a few photos and then Vivian washed off her makeup and did her hair and makeup! What a difference! I mean, obviously Monica is gorgeous before and after, but it make her face just look gorgeous and contoured. Even just the brows and right lip color make all the difference.

Contact Vivian for Hair & Makeup before a session and I will give you a high five and/or a kiss;)

before-after monica

Here are a bunch I took after the hair and makeup was applied. So much fun!

vivian & monica copy 3vivian & monica copy 4vivian & monica copy 5vivian & monica copyvivian & monicavivian & monica copy 6


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I did a travel session while in San Fransisco for my most recent workshop (which was incredible by the way:) I am so excited to share these images. The location, the family and most of all their connection made my job really inspiring and fun! I have been thinking so much lately about my work and how it really is important to these amazing families, to capture them. I feel so incredible lucky to do what I do.

This is Melody White and her adorable family. Feast your eyes on some of the happiest moments I have ever captured. Also, I have new rule. Always bring your puppy…

Melody White copy 2Melody White copy 3Melody White copy 4Melody White copy 5Melody White copy 6Melody White copy 7Melody White copy 8Melody White copy 9Melody White copy 10Melody White copy 11Melody White copy 12Melody White copy 13Melody White copy 14Melody White copy 15Melody White copy 16Melody White copy 17Melody White copy 18Melody White copy 19Melody White copy 20Melody White copy 21Melody White copy 22Melody White copy 23Melody White copy 24Melody White copy 25Melody White copy 26Melody White copy 27Melody White copy 28Melody White copy 29Melody White copy 30Melody White copy 31Melody White copy 32Melody White copy 33Melody White copy 34Melody White copy 35Melody White copy 36Melody White copy 40Melody White copymelody


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April 9, 2014 - 6:29 pm

Betsy King - I’m so in love with this session!!!!!! (Her dress billowing in the wind!!!)

Can I ask what time of day this was shot out there?

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Country/Beach session- (9 images edited from start to finish)

I had so many people ask to make a video of Katie Moss & her beautiful family’s images. So, here you go!

Angie Monson’s $350 editing mentoring session has been made available for  $135!

  • Start to finish of processing an image in Lightroom to Photoshop
  • Great to get a glimpse of Angie’s editing style
  • Clean edit using film style presets & actions
  • Length: 45 minutes- 3-15 minute videos
  • Covers time of day shot & lens used
  • Refer back whenever you need from the comfort of your own home
  • .PDF included of actions used for edit (does not actually include actions, just where they were purchased)1_1024x1024
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